Executive Members

Winsy Leung: Co-President


Hey!! My name is Winsy Leung and I am a fourth year student double majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Health & Disease! I am super excited to be one of EEBU’s co-presidents for the upcoming year! I had the honour to be a part of EEBU last year as Media and Design Director and I absolutely love this community!! I am also very passionate about art, whether it be me creating different artworks or admiring works done by others. I love drawing, painting, cacti, flowers (I have a crazy obsession with tulips) and dogs!!! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about EEB via email. You can also come to my office hours and chat with me!

EEB Courses Familiar With: BIO120, BIO220, BIO270, EEB267, EEB268, EEB319, EEB325, EEB388, EEB390, EEB433, ENV234

Dorsa Nouri Parto: Co-President


Hey everybody! My name is Dorsa and I am entering my third year. I am double majoring in EEB and molecular genetics (very diverse haha) and I am honoured to be EEBU’s co-president for the upcoming year. My research interests lie in microplastics, and I have worked in the Rochman and Diamond lab. I am interested in the effects of pollution on wild-life organisms. I am also involved on campus and love to try different extracurricular activities! I love to chat with people, so if you have any questions about research, extra-curriculars, and EEB (most importantly), come talk to me in office hours!

EEB Courses Familiar with: BIO120, BIO220, EEB267, EEB225, EEB318, EEB397

Charan Yu: Social Director


Hello! My name is Charan, and I am a third-year student pursuing a specialist in EEB. I feel very honored to be an EEBU member again this year. I look forward to organizing events that will attract and connect our students. I am interested in animal diversity as well as the ecosystem they’re in. In my free time, I like drawing, collecting stationary and bullet journaling. Occasionally, I also play Tabletop RPG. Please feel free to visit my office for questions or just to chat!
EEB Courses Familiar with: BIO120, BIO130, BIO220, BIO230, EEB266, EEB267

Maryam Wasim: Communications Director


Hi! I’m Maryam and I’m a 4th year majoring in EEB and Human Biology, and minoring in immunology. I love cats, gardening, and video games! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or stop by office hours to chat!

EEB Courses Familiar with: BIO120, BIO220, BIO251, EEB225, EEB299 (Research Opportunity Progam), EEB328, EEB375, EEB262, EEB325, EEB428

Sydney Gram: Department Coordinator


Hi, I’m Sydney Gram (she/her) and I’m the EEBU department coordinator this year! I’m in my fourth year doing a specialist in EEB, major in Genome Bio, and minor in Portuguese. I love research and have been involved in it since my first year- first as a lab volunteer, then through work-study and research assistant jobs, and later through EEB397/498/499 projects. I love tiny things like fungi, mosses, algae, worms, cells, and genomes! I’m also very involved in environmental/social justice organizing at UofT and am interested in exploring decolonized research methods in EEB. Feel free to reach out to talk about courses, programs, research opportunities, extracurriculars, activism…or to exchange cool mushroom pics!

EEB Courses Familiar with: BIO220, BIO230, BIO260, BIO251, EEB225, EEB266, EEB268, EEB323, EEB328, EEB331, EEB340, EEB455, EEB397, EEB488, EEB498, EEB362, EEB459, EEB462, EEB499

Rebecca Michaels: Media and Design Director


She/her pronouns

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I’m very excited to be EEBU’s Media & Design Director this year! I’m proud to have been a part of EEBU for three years now, last year as President. I’m in my fifth year, majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, with minors in English and Visual Studies. As you might be able to guess from my combination of programs, I’m very passionate about science communication and interested in the benefits of exploring the intersections between art and science. When I’m not studying mammal phylogenies or reading Jane Austen, you can find me painting, hiking, or gardening. Please feel free to send me an email or come visit my office hours, whether it’s to ask a question or just to chat!

EEB Courses Familiar with: BIO120, BIO130, BIO220, BIO230, BIO270, EEB225, EEB267, JHE353, EEB362, EEB388, EEB390, EEB466

Jacy Newfeld: Secretary


Hello EEB! My name is Jacy, I use they/them pronouns, and I am returning to EEBU this year as secretary! I am currently a fourth-year EEB major with minors in Environmental Biology and Latin. I am also a 498 research student with Dr. Ruppert studying fish community changes through space and time in Ontarian lakes. When I’m not studying anthropogenic impacts on community dynamics or analyzing Latin poetry, I love hiking, learning languages, or cultivating my ever growing herb garden. Please feel free to shoot me a line via email or Facebook to ask any questions you have, or just to chat!

EEB courses familiar with: BIO120, BIO220, BIO251, BIO260, EEB268, EEB313, EEB318, EEB321, EEB325, EEB399 (Weis Lab), EEB488, EEB498 (Ruppert Lab), ENV234, ENV334, ENV432 

Angela Gong: Treasurer


My name is Angela and I’m in my third year, pursuing a specialist in EEB. I am also an EEB498 student in the Gilbert Lab, and I’m interested in the effects of stochasticity and species interactions across biological scales. I enjoy watching octopus documentaries, playing the bassoon, and reading. I also participate in urban farming with my family in the growing season, where we grow lots of garlic (amongst other yummy vegetables)!! Feel free to reach out for a chat anytime!

EEB Courses Familiar with: BIO120, BIO220, BIO270, ENV234, EEB318, EEB321, EEB324, ENV334

Angie Wang: Second-Year Representative


Hi! I’m Angie, and I’m a second year student majoring in Biodiversity & Conservation and Health & Disease. I have a black cat who I love with all my heart and soul, and I’m a proud mother of several crotons. My favourite location at UofT are the greenhouses, and I’d highly recommend for people to check them out when stressed (there are turtles!). In the summer, I garden with my mom and relocate snails that eat our green beans. If you need help, even unrelated to EEB, or if you’re looking for a friend, feel free to reach out!

EEB Courses Familiar With: BIO120, BIO220, ENV234, EEB267, EEB255

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact any of the EEBU members throughout the year online and during the fall/winter through email or during office hours 🙂