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EEBU’s 2020 Exam Guide

EEBU’s first-ever exam guide is here! We’ve included planners, study guides, self-care tips, and lots of fun EEB-themed activities to help you get ready to ace those exams! You can view and download the guide here

Academic Support:

Faculty of Arts & Science Writing Centres
The Arts & Science Writing Centres provide one-on-one support for students who would like help planning, writing, or reviewing their work. You can get assistance with any form of writing, from essays to lab reports.

Academic Success Centre
The Academic Success Centre provides a number of services, including workshops and learning skills counselling. Visit to learn more about healthy study habits, and discover study techniques that work for you.

Math Aid Centres
If you are struggling with a mathematics course, find help at a Math Aid Centre.

University of Toronto Peer Tutoring
Get matched with a free-peer tutor through this student-run organization.

Accessibility Services
For all accessibility concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Accessibility Services.

Degree Planning:

EEB Degree Map:

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EEB Peer-Mentorship Program (EEB:PMP):
Learn from the experience and guidance of an upper-year EEB student as you navigate your degree path.